Bitcoin: Advantages For Casinos With No Deposit Bonuses

When bitcoin appeared, it immediately entered all spheres of human activity, be it business, technology or entertainment. Some online casinos like CasinoChan Casino made it one of the options for withdrawing money on their platform. This was a major innovation that has benefited both online casinos and members. The main benefits of this introduction have been outlined here.


Bitcoin is easy to use. You don’t have to create an account with a bank, no coins to provide, no complications. You simply create your blockchain (and for that you have the choice between several secure sites), and you use a code for your transactions. This is a major advantage that protects the player from many constraints. 

Unlimited amount of withdrawals and deposits

Various authorities set (among their clauses) limits to the transactions of the bettors. This implies that no matter how rich the bettor is, he cannot deposit or withdraw more than a certain amount. This restriction is mainly intended to prevent the gambler from becoming addicted to gambling or ruining himself by taking advantage of casino games. However, with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, there is no longer a limit to what the bettor can deposit or take on a platform. Indeed, with Bitcoin, it is not possible to know the amount of the transaction. The player sets his own limits according to his real abilities. 

Anonymous transactions

Data protection is a major concern in casinos. Some gamblers also take this aspect as a determining criterion in the choice of the casino to register in. The most popular protocols remain the SSL or HTTPS encryption system. However, some gamblers sometimes opt for low-end systems and this has an impact on the punters. At these casinos, not only is the identity of the bettors at risk, but their banking information can also be leaked; which is not the case with Bitcoin. With this virtual currency, all transactions take place anonymously. The problems of fraudulent use of your credit card in casinos are no longer possible.

Speed of transactions

If with some payment methods you have to wait several days before being paid, this will not be the case at online casinos that accept Bitcoin. In addition to being secure, Bitcoin transactions do not take time. So, after the casino’s validation period, you are sure to get your winnings back to you as soon as possible. This is a recurring problem among members and using Bitcoin is probably the best solution.

No additional fees to pay

With a credit or prepaid cards, the gambler must pay a fee for each transaction he or she makes. However, with Bitcoin, you won’t have to worry about any additional fees other than your transaction. Whether you make a deposit or a withdrawal, the exact amount of your transaction will be paid to you. 


Bitcoin transactions are uncontrollable and put you out of harm’s way. You have no contact with any bank or the government. As a result, money sent via this means can no longer be confiscated or blocked. In other words, Bitcoin, whose price has soared in recent years, makes your transactions completely independent. 

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