Morningstar Says Macau Recovery Is Underway With Full Completion In 2022

High-stake gaming promotions in Macau in 2021 have been reported to be lagging behind Las Vegas-focused and regional organizations. Investors are worried about the slow recovery of the world’s largest casino center and the recent rise in coronavirus cases in China.

Two notable adverse impacts from these scenarios can be noted, namely Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS) and Melco Resorts & Entertainment (NASDAQ: MLCO). Since the beginning of the year, their shares are down 3.15% and 6.52%, respectively. Fortunately, some analysts think that headwinds will be fleeting in the near future and that Macau’s recovery efforts will spin up.

According to the Morningstar analyst Jeniffer Song, in spite of the short-term problems, management says that the rise in Golden Week attendance in May and the gradual improvement in monthly gross gaming revenue, or GGR, are quite encouraging. Besides, more and more people are showing great interest in vaccination after the pandemic has broken out in several countries in the past few months, shifting gamblers’ attention towards online venues. It’s a quite good alternative to land-based casinos indeed as, for instance, and other similar platforms provide numerous games, lucrative promotion offers, convenient payments, and many other great peculiarities. Due to this, the bulk of gamblers prefer online-based casinos more than brick-and-mortar ones.

Interestingly, Mainland China is essential to Macau’s economic recovery, as the country accounts for 70 percent of tourist flows to the gambling center. Plans to create a travel bubble with Hong Kong are another vital artery for visiting Macau. But they have been stumped by the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in this country.

Favorable Recovery Timeline in Macau

Macau Recovery

Nearly all analysts were positive that the SAR casino industry would recover faster than competing markets in Asia Pacific or Las Vegas.

In addition to problems with visit scheme visas and relatively slow progress in vaccinations, some research firms are forced to drop expectations until Macau’s heavily gambling economy returns to pre-pandemic levels. For instance, the agency Moody’s Investors Company recently announced that this will not happen until 2024.

The number of vaccinations per day has skyrocketed, so herd immunity is likely to be achieved by the end of this year. Morningstar expects full citizen recovery to begin in Macau in 2022. Song says that they will soon be adjusting their 2021 profit forecasts for six Macau gaming firms, they also want to keep their value estimates and long-dated projections.

The research organization covers all of the Macau’s six concessionaires and declares SJM Holdings to be its favourite one, citing “financial stability, and potential gains in market share”.

Macau Shares Are Comparatively Cheap

Investors who are going to bet on the recovery of Macau shares are not required to pay to place such a bet, as the group is attractive in terms of valuation.

Song also states that nowadays Macau’s gaming sector is trading at about 10-11 times the 2022 Enterprise Value / EBITDA, that is below their valuation and historical average of 12-13 times.

It should be borne in mind that the concessionaires of Macau, listed on the main US exchanges, are LVS, Melco, MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts.

Politicians Discuss Mobile Sports Betting

According to the survey conducted in New York, more than half of residents are in favor of adding online betting on sports. Around one-third of the people polled are against the idea, and 20% of people remain neutral. 

The majority of New Yorkers, 52% of people, strongly support the concept of mobile betting on sports which lead to the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, cancelling the curfew restrictions for New York casinos. New York may be a little far for the average Canadian to travel to get their gambling fix. If you want to stay home and bet you can head to CookieCasino

The poll conducted last week showed that the majority of New Yorkers want to include mobile sports betting in the state, while the same research conducted last year showed that only 42% of people supported this idea, and around 45% were against mobile sports betting. 

Why Is This Poll Important?

The poll conducted last week is important since New York politicians are currently discussing and establishing the budget for the city for the current and the next year, as a new fiscal year is about to commence. New York State Legislature has agreed on the law that would give the possibility for casinos to collaborate with the operators of mobile sports betting. 

However, it is not that easy as the politicians need to convince New York Governor to approve of the law. Andrew Cuomo has accepted this concept and offered the state casinos to make the sports betting similar to lottery when casinos will collaborate with one or more mobile operators and then share the profit. 

Andrew Cuomo is concerned that the system that was offered by the lawmakers will give only a tiny bit of all the profit. The system offered by New York lawmakers has been adopted in many states of the country. The lawmakers suggest charging mobile operators $12 million for a license and 12% taxes. 

Curfew in New York is Canceled 

The Governor of New York also decides to cancel the curfew in the state starting from the beginning of April. However, there will still be a limit of 25% casino’s capacity. Such measures are expected to benefit the video lottery terminals.

“We are satisfied the time limitation for casinos will be lifted in the coming weeks and that we have the opportunity to return our employees to work,” the representative said. “Our attention stays on keeping up wellbeing and security measures to guarantee our visitors keep on having a good time in Empire City Casino by MGM Resorts.

Even though the casinos will come back to their normal operating time, the restaurants will still have to close at 11 pm. However, the staff of the casinos will take all the necessary measures to ensure the visitors are safe and abide by all the established rules. 

How to Choose an Online Casino with Good Bonuses

Many online casinos provide bonus systems. The bonuses can vary a lot, for example, it can be welcome bonuses, free spins, cashback, no deposits, and so on. Nevertheless, gamblers can face online casinos that offer bonuses in a tricky way. Conditions are so tricky and impossible to meet making them useless bait.

But at the same time, there are many online casinos, which offer plenty of valuable bonuses. To make a better understanding, let’s check CasinoChan. There are many deposit bonuses including prize cash and dozens of free spins. But how to determine a casino with profitable bonuses?

Pay Attention to How Bonus System Works   

Online casinos may provide their bonus systems in the way they want. Most of them use similar patter though. Usually, online casinos offer welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses. The award can be free spins and prize money. Pay attention that bonus money can be presented for a certain amount of deposit or a certain number of wins. Also, bonus systems sometimes include multiplying bonuses for constant deposits. So, it’s important to know how bonuses work in an online casino.

Notice Bonus Validity

Sometimes validity can play a dirty trick with a gambler. For example, if a player will receive 500 free spins which are available only for 12 hours, it will be impossible to spend them all. Another example is bonuses for winning in a short amount of time. It’s more likely that a gambler couldn’t win 150 times within 5 days. Be careful to avoid such bonuses and try to get some with longer validity. Usually, good casinos provide adequate conditions for using bonuses.

Read a Review First

Gamblers’ feedback can help you a lot! Each person has his or her different view on things. Nonetheless, the majority can define similar negative and positive sides of a casino. Read some reviews to compare the information and determine the objective opinion about a casino. Pay attention to what people are saying about their experience with bonuses. Top casinos always have a lot of comments about their nice work.

Check Active Games

As a rule, casino bonuses are limited to certain games. In such a way, a player can get 300 free spins for a one-game which will make him or her get tired soon. So, it’s necessary to check these details and ensure if such conditions are suitable for you. A good casino won’t provide you a narrow range of games to play using your bonuses.

Chose Only Trusted Casinos

Remember that a small bonus from a trusted casino is way better than an enormous award from a suspicious one! There are many frauds who will promise you perfect conditions to play and large prizes. However, when things come to withdrawals players always face problems and the impossibility to get their money. Popular casinos offer the best services to their players. Also, they always provide round-the-clock support to help their customers with any issues. Not only their games, but also payments depend on their reputation, trust, and popularity.

A Short But Clear Video Poker Manual For A Beginner

Video Poker can be seen as a gamers’ best-loved game all over the world including Australia. The main reason why is that most gamers consider Video Poker as the simplest game which a newcomer to online gaming can learn. Then, Video Poker is characterized by the best benefits offered to the gambler. Finally, Video Poker is incredibly diverse and exciting! 

Why settle on Video Poker? 

Although there are multiple game versions, you may pick some easy-to-learn Video Pokers. You can join PlayAmo Casino Australia right now and discover a magnificent universe of Video Poker games and many others also available with Live Dealer in a Live format. 

You may start with such variants as Double Bonus, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, and surely Jack or Better – all regarded as the easiest Video Poker versions. Their rules are taken from a standard 5-card draw game. 

These poker versions will be an ideal solution to master poker slots as well as a good opportunity to make a winning or even hit the jackpot. Isn’t it a weighty argument, particularly, with respect to the circs that here you can expect the most generous house edge ever?  

Essential advice on Video Poker 

You begin the game making a wager and click “Deal”. You receive then five random cards. Examine them and settle which of them you would like to hold. All the others will be thrown away. There must be a conscious choice as you win only if you manage to gather a hand of two pairs, straight, or flush. The top will be a royal flush. 

Video Poker won’t gobble up all your money and will open the gate to fantastic winnings since you are ready to obey this simple algorithm:

  • Study the basics. It won’t be a problem watching trainer videos and reading helpful information on the topic. You should definitely brush up your skills by trying poker variations on a free app before beginning to wager real cash. 
  • Watch the house edge. While selecting a game, you ought to find out how much it pays back. This means your aim is a minimum-house-edge Video Poker game. Thus, an expected RTP for you needs to be higher than 96%. The coolest solution is surely 99% and a little more. 
  • Bet the ceiling. Your options are to bet from 1 to 5 coins. The golden rule is to bet all the five on each hand. While not doing so, you will never gather a royal flush and therefore never get the highest gain.
  • Choose the exact strategy. Now it’s obvious, Video Poker includes a long list of variations. Globally speaking, they are similar, but their strategies may differ significantly. So, before you opt for a certain Video Poker game, assure yourself of acquiring its essentials. 
  • Watch Bonus options. Online casinos usually propose various promotions and you should accept them by all means. That will be quite a good possibility for you to refresh your account with additional cash. It makes sense to join the gambler’s club so that you follow all promotions and bonus packs of your e-casino. 

These rules won’t present any difficulty, but by following them, you are sure to take the greatest possible delight in online gambling. Join the ranks of Video Poker admirers. Win big. 

The Rapidly Developing Industries in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country that has amazing nature and all the modern conditions for comfortable living. Some industries in this country are developing more rapidly than others. In this article, you will find info on what they are and the reasons behind their significant growth.

The Advertising Industry

The rapid development in many industries has created favorable conditions for new companies, also leading to a tougher competitive environment. To beat the competitors, businesses opt for services of advertising companies, which leads to growth in this industry as well. It is expected that it will reach $17.3 billion by 2021 at a 1.9% annual growth rate.

At the same time, investment in newspaper and television advertising is expected to decrease by 8.9% and 4.7% respectively as a result of the increased popularity of many Internet channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, and more.

The Entertainment Industry

The Australian entertainment industry is much larger now than it used to be. Its annual growth rate is about 2.9 %. The industry is generating about $36 billion every year.

However, it is worth noting that not all entertainment services have increased at the same rate. For instance, the volume of some traditional media entertainments has decreased. Players can now easily register at online casinos and enjoy a great time. PlayAmo Casino Australia is only one of the many gambling venues that local gamblers can access in desktop and mobile versions.

Healthcare Industry 

The population of Australia keeps growing, and the number of aged people also increases. This has boosted the healthcare industry. A larger volume of investment is spent on infrastructure, technology, etc. This ensures a better patient experience, more accurate diagnosis, and more effective treatment plans.

The Manufacturing Industry

Australia has a developed manufacturing industry, which generates $100 billion annually. 48% of manufactured products are exported. Thanks to innovations, automation, and digitization, the operations in the industry have been changed significantly. The other reasons for such growth are greater use of renewable energies and focus of Australian buyers on locally made products.

Food Industry

Although the hospitality industry has been seriously affected by the lockdown due to COVID-19, some segments kept steadily developing and growing. Since supermarkets kept working, the manufacturers and suppliers of grocery and food were working non-stop.

Additionally, lots of online food retailers have appeared, and this sector keeps growing as well because many people appreciate the convenience of purchasing various products on the Internet. Due to the extensive busyness, customers more often prefer prepared meals. With such products, they do not have to spend much time on food preparation.


Generally, the Australian economy keeps developing, while some industries grow at higher rates than others. While COVID-19 has affected many land-based businesses, it allowed lots of companies to earn money from online operations. In particular, online and mobile gambling has become one of the most popular entertainments for Australians during the lockdown. The development of technologies has also boosted an increase in various industries, such as manufacturing. 

Bitcoin: Advantages For Casinos With No Deposit Bonuses

When bitcoin appeared, it immediately entered all spheres of human activity, be it business, technology or entertainment. Some online casinos like CasinoChan Casino made it one of the options for withdrawing money on their platform. This was a major innovation that has benefited both online casinos and members. The main benefits of this introduction have been outlined here.


Bitcoin is easy to use. You don’t have to create an account with a bank, no coins to provide, no complications. You simply create your blockchain (and for that you have the choice between several secure sites), and you use a code for your transactions. This is a major advantage that protects the player from many constraints. 

Unlimited amount of withdrawals and deposits

Various authorities set (among their clauses) limits to the transactions of the bettors. This implies that no matter how rich the bettor is, he cannot deposit or withdraw more than a certain amount. This restriction is mainly intended to prevent the gambler from becoming addicted to gambling or ruining himself by taking advantage of casino games. However, with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, there is no longer a limit to what the bettor can deposit or take on a platform. Indeed, with Bitcoin, it is not possible to know the amount of the transaction. The player sets his own limits according to his real abilities. 

Anonymous transactions

Data protection is a major concern in casinos. Some gamblers also take this aspect as a determining criterion in the choice of the casino to register in. The most popular protocols remain the SSL or HTTPS encryption system. However, some gamblers sometimes opt for low-end systems and this has an impact on the punters. At these casinos, not only is the identity of the bettors at risk, but their banking information can also be leaked; which is not the case with Bitcoin. With this virtual currency, all transactions take place anonymously. The problems of fraudulent use of your credit card in casinos are no longer possible.

Speed of transactions

If with some payment methods you have to wait several days before being paid, this will not be the case at online casinos that accept Bitcoin. In addition to being secure, Bitcoin transactions do not take time. So, after the casino’s validation period, you are sure to get your winnings back to you as soon as possible. This is a recurring problem among members and using Bitcoin is probably the best solution.

No additional fees to pay

With a credit or prepaid cards, the gambler must pay a fee for each transaction he or she makes. However, with Bitcoin, you won’t have to worry about any additional fees other than your transaction. Whether you make a deposit or a withdrawal, the exact amount of your transaction will be paid to you. 


Bitcoin transactions are uncontrollable and put you out of harm’s way. You have no contact with any bank or the government. As a result, money sent via this means can no longer be confiscated or blocked. In other words, Bitcoin, whose price has soared in recent years, makes your transactions completely independent.