Guide to the best slot machine casino 2021

Slot machines are among the easiest casino games to play.

To get started, you just need to :

  • make a deposit to your player account
  • then bet on the slot machine of your choice
  • choose the number of lines on which you want to place your bets
  • press the “spin” button to start the game
  • you will only be able to play again once the winning combinations have been paid out.

To hit the big jackpot, you must bet the maximum amount. That’s the secret to playing effectively on the progressive jackpot slots online.

Slot machine security and fairness

Security is an issue that concerns all users who wish to play and win money online. Whether you are a new or old player, it should always be a concern when you are about to choose your casino slot machine. Apart from that, you should also make sure that the games offered by the casino slot machine are fair.

You don’t have to worry about this, because our top list only includes casinos that meet these criteria. In particular, our team of experts verify that these casinos operate legally, that they use the best SSL technology to protect your transactions and that they are provided by credible, reliable and reputable software.

The different types of slot machines

There are several types of slots and all of them are available in our selection of the best 2020 casino slots. From single coin slots to multi coin slots, from video slots to free slots…the offer is dense and varied to guarantee you the best entertainment.

Those on a limited budget will also be entitled to a fine selection of slots adapted to their needs. Knowing that players don’t just play to make money, but also to be entertained, we take into account the simplicity and the fact that the slots offered can bring you complete satisfaction.

3 reel slot machines

The 3 reel slot machines belong to the category of classic penguin bandits. They form the basis of this casino game and are presented as the easiest version. Indeed, they have a very simple mode of operation. Among the best ones are Fantastic 7, High Five and Snakes and Ladders.

5 Reel Slots

The 5-reel penguin bandits are the type of slot machine that offers the largest number of variations. They are very popular among gamblers and can be found on simple themes as well as on themes featuring characters from films or video games.

3D Slot Machines

Representing the new generation of slot machines, these are actually video slots integrating 3D technology. They offer above-average video animations, mini games and lots of bonuses. Their graphics are also very sophisticated. 

Slot machines with progressive jackpots

Highly sought after by players, they give you the opportunity to win huge amounts of money. Linked together on a network set up by the developers or by your casino, each bet you make on one of these machines will fill a common pot. This can quickly generate a huge jackpot if several players are playing on the same machine.

Slot Machines on Mobile & Apps

To extend the pleasure of entertainment, the online betting establishments listed here are mostly available in mobile and app versions. You will be able to play in fun mode or with real money directly on your cell phone by downloading or not this version.

Mostly casino slots are compatible with all Android and iOS operating systems and your Apple devices (iPhone and iPad). Whether you’re on the move, in the office, on vacation or at home, your favorite slots now accompany you everywhere!

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