Politicians Discuss Mobile Sports Betting

According to the survey conducted in New York, more than half of residents are in favor of adding online betting on sports. Around one-third of the people polled are against the idea, and 20% of people remain neutral. 

The majority of New Yorkers, 52% of people, strongly support the concept of mobile betting on sports which lead to the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, cancelling the curfew restrictions for New York casinos. New York may be a little far for the average Canadian to travel to get their gambling fix. If you want to stay home and bet you can head to CookieCasino

The poll conducted last week showed that the majority of New Yorkers want to include mobile sports betting in the state, while the same research conducted last year showed that only 42% of people supported this idea, and around 45% were against mobile sports betting. 

Why Is This Poll Important?

The poll conducted last week is important since New York politicians are currently discussing and establishing the budget for the city for the current and the next year, as a new fiscal year is about to commence. New York State Legislature has agreed on the law that would give the possibility for casinos to collaborate with the operators of mobile sports betting. 

However, it is not that easy as the politicians need to convince New York Governor to approve of the law. Andrew Cuomo has accepted this concept and offered the state casinos to make the sports betting similar to lottery when casinos will collaborate with one or more mobile operators and then share the profit. 

Andrew Cuomo is concerned that the system that was offered by the lawmakers will give only a tiny bit of all the profit. The system offered by New York lawmakers has been adopted in many states of the country. The lawmakers suggest charging mobile operators $12 million for a license and 12% taxes. 

Curfew in New York is Canceled 

The Governor of New York also decides to cancel the curfew in the state starting from the beginning of April. However, there will still be a limit of 25% casino’s capacity. Such measures are expected to benefit the video lottery terminals.

“We are satisfied the time limitation for casinos will be lifted in the coming weeks and that we have the opportunity to return our employees to work,” the representative said. “Our attention stays on keeping up wellbeing and security measures to guarantee our visitors keep on having a good time in Empire City Casino by MGM Resorts.

Even though the casinos will come back to their normal operating time, the restaurants will still have to close at 11 pm. However, the staff of the casinos will take all the necessary measures to ensure the visitors are safe and abide by all the established rules. 

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