How to win a sports bet in 2021?

Sports betting is one of the ways to make money on the internet. But, like many other methods, this one is not without risk of loss. Unfortunately, in most cases, the bettors lose more than they win.

Faced with this, it is therefore necessary to put in place strategies capable of significantly optimizing their winnings. Discover in this article everything you need to know to make winning predictions.

The different types of sports betting

Every bet starts with the choice of type. Indeed, bookmakers offer a very varied range of types. You can distinguish more than sixty different types of bets. It is then necessary to know at least the most popular ones, of which here are a few.

The 1N2 bet

The 1N2 is probably the best known and easiest type of bet to play. Its principle consists in choosing 1 to bet on the home team’s victory or 2 for the opponent’s. The N, on the other hand, indicates a draw.

A variant of this category is the 1/2 bet. It offers only two outcomes and does not take into account the possibility of a draw. It is then suitable for disciplines such as tennis. However, it can also be used in sports such as soccer. This particularity leads to a “draw no bet” style or a refund in case of a draw.

The multiple bet

Multiple betting consists of combining several bets. It allows you to obtain higher winnings, which of course means a higher risk. For a beginner, it is best to focus on the single types to ensure more frequent wins.

  • Betting more or less points or goals

In this bet, the bookmaker represents your first opponent. You have to propose a different outcome from his. For example, you can say that he will score more goals than he predicted or that he will score less. To do this, you have to base your proposal on an objective analysis. Don’t hesitate to use statistics.

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